Membership Options

We have two membership options:


$120 per year. No extra requirements to do duties.


$40 per year. You agree to do four duties during your membership year.

How does the Toy Library work?

Members pay an annual fee (plus DUTIES if a chosen option) and a small hire fee (between 50c and $5 per item) each time they take out an item from the library. Items are issued for two weeks at a time. A maximum of ten toys can be borrowed at a time per membership.

What do I need to know about the duties?

If you chose to pay for the DUTY Membership, you agree to complete to do four duties during your membership year. If you do not complete your four duties during this time, you will be fined as stated in the membership agreement at the end of your membership year. It is recommended to do one DUTY per three-month period.

You can choose which four duties to complete. The following duties are available:

  • Parent Help Duty

We have an online duty roster you can access and choose the day(s) on which you are able to do parent help. Please ensure you can be there for the two hours as rostered. In most cases you can bring your child/baby with you, however you are fully responsible for them while you are doing your duty. Parent help duty may include cleaning toys or shelves, tidying toys, making bags or checking returned toys. A Librarian will guide you.

  • Fundraising Duty

As we are a not-for-profit organization, we need to raise money through various fundraising projects. These can include sausage sizzles or selling goods (such as pies or plants). We generally have 1-2 fundraisers per year.  A minimum contribution will be required to count in lieu of a duty.

We hope that all members (FULL or DUTY) will help to contribute to our fundraisers as these raise money for new toys and for the running of the toy library.


Please note: Memberships are not transferable or refundable. Fees are subject to a possible small annual increase effective on 1 April each year. Please bring photo ID and proof of address when joining.

 We only accept payment via EFTPOS (not credit)